Launch and raise the profile of the world’s first and only static-safe hand-protection and dispenser mechanism for forecourt fuel pumps

  • HOW

    Media relations, consumer research, film scripting


    Forecourt, national, international and regional media (print and digital)

  • WHEN

    2017 – present

“We’ve been working with the team at Absolute PR and Marketing since 2017, over which time they have helped us launch to market, focussing on our core forecourt media domestically and internationally.

“Importantly, they have always had an eye on GripHero’s appeal to the general public – an important force in encouraging forecourts the world over to protect drivers from chemical and biological contamination at the fuel pump through our anti-static hand-protection and dispensers.

“With Absolute’s help we have not only had strong trade coverage, which has led to business leads, but great regional and national coverage too. From helping to script a social media film, to advising on research and setting up broadcast media interviews, they are constantly looking for the next big opportunity.  Friendly, responsive and very good at what they do, they’re a real asset to our business.”

Oli Yeo, inventor, founder and Managing Director of GripHero


The challenge

Prior to GripHero, hand-protection for customers refuelling vehicles was only available from bin or pillar dispenser on fuel bays. Dispensers were limited in number, frequently empty and forecourt operators struggled to see the benefit of investing in hand-protection, other than to tick a health and safety box.
Our challenge was to make a strong case that would convince forecourt operators to invest in a new concept in hand-protection; one that was more expensive and would lead to greater use of hand-protection.

Our solutions

A category first
Building appetite for GripHero was key. In the first instance, we launched GripHero as a category first: the world’s only on-the-nozzle, static-safe, eco hand-protection solution and dispenser system permitted within the fuelling zone at forecourts around the world.
Focussing on the fact that GripHero protected customers from fuel residues, biohazards, viruses and diseases passed on from the hands of other drivers, we built awareness around the health and safety benefits of GripHero, helping forecourts to distinguish themselves from their rivals, giving customers a reason to use their services over that of their competitors.
Focus on waste
We also focussed on GripHero’s ability to reduce hand-protection waste through its one-item release system, preventing clumps of hand protection being withdrawn, wasted or allowed to blow away into the environment; a common problem with conventional dispensers. Combined with GripHero’s use of recyclable materials, this aligned GripHero with forecourts’ desire to reduce their carbon footprint.
While this approach appealed to enlightened forecourt owners, it was clear that a strong business case was needed to convince others to invest in the new category of hand-protection.
Consumer research
To do this, we undertook extensive consumer research which evidenced a strong desire among drivers for better access to hand-protection, a willingness to make more purchases in-store if they had clean, uncontaminated hands, and a desire to use forecourts with hand-protection on every fuel nozzle.
Infographic and film
Armed with this evidence, we built a cast iron case linking GripHero’s on-the-nozzle hand-protection with greater fuel and in-store sales. We supported this approach with infographics and the development of a social media film built around the findings of the research, conveying the key issues that GripHero addresses.
Hard news
Through a series of news stories and features in the forecourt media – backed up by announcements focussing on GripHero’s success in innovation and health and safety awards; major forecourt group contract wins in the US, Europe and across the UK, and new product launches – we established GripHero as a sector leader, generating regular coverage and enquiries.
Then Covid-hit. Seizing the moment, we worked with GripHero to announce the offer of its hand-dispensers free to forecourts internationally for a limited time, enabling fuel station operators to protect drivers from the transmission of coronavirus passed on from the hands of asymptomatic or sick drivers to thousands of others using the same fuel pump handles.

What we achieved

Through regular news and features, and the creative use of research, we established GripHero as the world’s only patented provider of static-safe hand-protection for forecourts, with major health, safety, environmental and business benefits for operators.
And, by drawing a clear link between GripHero and its ability to protect the public from contamination and viruses, we built strong and instant demand during the pandemic, both from consumers and forecourts.
Backed up by hard facts and stats, and by leveraging the vital role that GripHero plays in breaking the transmission of Covid-19 at the fuel pump, we secured global coverage for GripHero’s free dispenser offer, generating leads that have converted to sales, putting GripHero on thousands of forecourts across five continents.
Over the last 12 months we have secured over 130 pieces of coverage for GripHero including broadcast, print and online, as well as broadcast outlets. Spanning forecourt media, regional, national and international publications, this coverage has stimulated direct leads, enquiries and sales.

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