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Environmental and Social Impact

As an agency, we recognise the importance of communicating our progress and achievements on our journey to become a more sustainable business. We are passionate about purpose and we want to ensure that we use our influence as a force for good, having a positive impact on our clients, community, cause and climate.

Our first annual sustainability report issued Q1 2023 demonstrates how we are taking action and walking our talk on this subject.

We measure our success against UN sustainable development goals and share our progress with employees, clients, and stakeholders to highlight the material benefits we have brought to society and our communities; the ways in which our collective actions have helped to reduce harm to our planet and nature, because we know that success in this space ensures better prospects for everyone and everything.

2022 was a big year for Absolute PR & Marketing as we continued to deliver breakthrough, strategic work for the agency’s host of purpose-led clients. Together, we delivered some outstanding results with cut-through, actively and wholly benefiting community, cause and climate. Our latest report also provides a snapshot of some (not all) of the activities we’re proud to have supported.

To request a copy of our latest Environmental and Social Impact Report, please contact us at