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Environment and Social Impact Communications

A number of factors including concerns about the environment, the impact of the Covid 19 pandemic, the cost of living crisis and growing pressure from activist groups have all contributed to a dramatic increase in the adoption of environmental and social governance (ESG), and not just among major corporate entities.

As a result, businesses across the spectrum are having to think more deeply about the shift to profit with purpose, and how they communicate their commitments to the environment and their contribution to society in a more meaningful way that can be measured and understood by investors and stakeholders.

Having been on this journey ourselves, culminating in the publication of our first environmental and social impact (ESI) report, benchmarking our achievements each year, we know the challenges, the pitfalls, opportunities and benefits.

Using this knowledge, we have created a new service designed to help other businesses on their ESG journeys; a tailored service that helps businesses develop and communicate their own environmental and social impact powerfully and effectively.

A continuation of the purpose-led work that Absolute’s undertaken for more than twenty years the new Environment and Social Impact Communications service focusses on helping businesses on their journey to net-zero, delivering best practice in the communication of key milestones along the way.

The core elements of the service will:

  • help you define and shape your environmental and social impact (ESI), purpose, vision, mission and values, to reflect your business culture and future direction;
  • help you prioritise actions to improve your ESI reporting and profile with internal and external stakeholders, customers, supply chains and in the media;
  • empower you to effectively evidence your ESI progress to all stakeholders through annual reporting and benchmarking.

This process will enable you to:

  • set measurable ESI targets;
  • identify Sustainable Development Goals;
  • communicate how your business positively impacts on the environment and society through strategic, effective action and communications;
  • demonstrate accountability.

This service will provide you with the tools you need to ensure that your business is recognised, respected and celebrated by employees, stakeholders and clients for the work you do to support the environment and society, bringing added value and credibility to your brand.

We look forward to helping you on your ESI journey, whether you’re just starting out or at an advanced stage and want to do more to communicate the good work that you’re doing.

To find out more about our environmental and social impact communications service, and….. to take up a special introductory offer, please call our team on 01392 680 740 or send an email to