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“I love working with the team at Absolute, they are all over our social media, communications and PR. It’s brilliant. It’s so refreshing working with professionals to enhance and build our profile.”


Simon Almond, Managing Director

The Process


Raise the profile of innovative sustainable commercial waste management services


Media relations, social media, e-communications, website development, crisis communications


Regional and trade media, on and off line


2016 – present

The Challenge

To raise awareness of DCW’s full range of commercial waste collection services, Zero to Landfill credentials and highlight the company’s positive impact on the environment and communities.

Our Solution

Absolute delivers a multi-channel communications strategy to raise DCW’s profile among regional businesses and communities, focusing on the company’s differentiating factors. These include DCW’s bespoke service provision using the latest technology, personal approach to customer service, commitment to maximising recycling, and charity work in Exeter, Devon and Africa.

Absolute operates as a press office to place key news stories with regional and trade media, and leverages digital channels including website, blog, e-communications and social media to manage DCW’s reputation with customers, stakeholders and media.

What We Achieved

Absolute delivers regular media coverage in local and trade media, promoting DCW’s new business wins, satisfied customers and charity activities. A programme of e-communications was developed which consistently achieves an email open rate 50-90% above the industry average, and regular topical blog articles were introduced to maintain engagement with existing and prospective customers. Absolute devised and delivers a social media strategy to create engaging content, grow DCW’s audiences and position the company as an expert in its field, returning an average monthly increase in organic Facebook reach of 76%.

Absolute’s crisis communications-trained team also provided support when fire destroyed DCW’s Envirohub HQ in early 2017, co-ordinating media statements and interviews, social media activities, and customer e-communications during the crisis and in the months that followed. Now in 2021, DCW’s profile and customer portfolio continue to grow. We’re working with DCW this year to launch its new national service and recycled plastic products, the first of which were launched at Toby’s Garden Festival back in June.

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