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Artemis Launches New Filter to Protect Thermal Cameras

Artemis Optical, a world leader in the design, development and manufacture of high precision thin film coatings has launched a new thermal imaging protection filter.  The product has been developed to counter the growing threat to thermal camera systems from long wave infrared lasers.
Current global, political and security unrest has led to a proliferation in the use of thermal imaging camera systems in border security, observational UAVs and police and security vehicles.  Whilst these cameras are often protected from the tangible threats that they face, it is possible that they can be disabled with the use of a long wave infrared laser.  Artemis’ new thermal imaging protection filter blocks the infrared lasers thereby protecting the detector whilst allowing infrared energy through the optic so that the camera can still ‘see’.  Without this filter, infrared lasers can disable the thermal camera systems, making them effectively ‘blind’.
Artemis’ new thermal imaging protection filter took over 4 years to develop and has been in production for the past 18 months following a contract to supply defence vehicle applications.
Commenting on the new product, Jamie Pindard, Sales Director at Artemis said: “As acknowledged experts in this field, we recognised that a shift in technological focus and an increase in the use of thermal camera systems created a need for a new type of product where it was not just the eye being protected from laser threats but the camera itself.
“We are anticipating widespread interest for this latest innovation from a broad range of industries in which thermal imaging cameras provide an essential front line defence, particularly in the world we live in today”.
Artemis Optical, a leading, global supplier of optical filters, has over 60 years’ experience in the design, development and application of high precision, technically differentiated, optical thin film coatings.
Artemis Optical’s award winning filters are internationally renowned and its customer portfolio includes blue chip OEM manufacturers in worldwide defence, aerospace, security, space, photonic surgery, medical and analytical instrumentation markets.
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