PR photo of Lightfoot managing director Mark Roberts and Exeter Mp Ben Bradshaw in front of Lightfoot's branded vehicle

Bradshaw Backs Exeter Driving Pilot

Local MP Ben Bradshaw visited Exeter-based Lightfoot earlier this week to get an update on the progress of its groundbreaking Exeter motoring trial, in which over 100 local residents are set to test its in-car driver coaching technology to see how Lightfoot® can help make driving in the city, and eventually the globe, cheaper, greener and safer.
Mr Bradshaw, who has long been a supporter of Lightfoot and its sister business Ashwoods, a leading manufacturer of innovative electric motors, met Mark Roberts, Managing Director of both businesses, to discover more about their success and future plans.
In addition to updating Mr Bradshaw on how Ashwoods’ motors are being used in more than 20 countries and how the business is working with major manufacturers including Lotus, Morgan Cars, Caterpillar and Tata Motors (owners of Jaguar and Land Rover), Mark Roberts confirmed that Lightfoot® is now close to completing the installation of the devices for the Exeter motoring trial.
Following an initial monitoring phase Lightfoot® will go live later this April, at which point it will start to interact with and coach drivers to become more efficient. From this point drivers will be able to compete in private and public leagues not only to win the bragging rights of who’s the most efficient driver among friends, family and colleagues, but to win major prizes including the keys to an all-electric Nissan Leaf for seven days, a free Raceworld karting experience for ten and a free supercar driving experience at a UK racetrack.
Mr Bradshaw, a keen cyclist himself, who supports this idea of technology that can help improve vehicle efficiency, leading to lower emissions, said:
“As the local MP, I am delighted that an Exeter company has developed a product in Lightfoot® that is already making commercial drivers across the country safer, greener and more efficient.
“As a cyclist, I am conscious that some drivers can be very heavy footed and I therefore welcome the way the Lightfoot® technology can nudge them into safer and more efficient driving styles.
“And as a resident of Exeter, I am looking forward to seeing what impact Lightfoot®  can have on our city through the Exeter Pilot Project where, in association with Exeter City Futures, the technology is being trialled by private motorists for the first time.
“I hope this is the first step on the journey to all cars being driven in the safer, more efficient way Lightfoot encourages.”
Designed and developed by Exeter-based Lightfoot®, the trial will run over several weeks to assess just how significant fuel savings and reductions in CO2 emissions are among drivers using Lightfoot®.
Through the Exeter trial Lightfoot® hopes to learn how private motorists interact with its in-car coaching technology so that any improvements and adjustments can be incorporated into future versions of the device prior to a wider consumer launch.  This will include analysis of how different approaches to gamification and prize-incentivised competition can be used to encourage greater driving efficiency among consumers using Lightfoot®.
Following an initial monitoring period Lightfoot’s unique audio and visual driver efficiency system, will go live later this month.  At this point participants will be able to check on their performance online and participate in the interactive reward-based leagues.
Lightfoot’s decision to monitor driving styles before the device starts to interact with drivers allows the team to compare driver behaviour pre and post go-live date, after which point the driver coaching phase will begin.  As a result, improvements in fuel efficiency and driver style can be analysed in detail. The anonymised results will then be used by trial partners Exeter City Futures to measure the impact Lightfoot® could have if it were scaled up to more drivers.
Should the trial replicate similar results as those achieved in the commercial fleet sector, where fuel bills have been cut by 15% and accidents have been reduced by up to 50%, the implications could be substantial for Lightfoot® and for motorists around the world as the tiny Lightfoot® device can quickly and easily be fitted into most existing cars across the globe.
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