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Exeter Green fleet-tech company hands out £1.3m of prizes to enhance better driving and behaviours among workers

November 23, 2023 | News

·      £1m of prizes to be given away in 2024

·       30,000 tonnes of CO2 cut from fleets in 2022

Exeter headquartered Lightfoot, the pioneering developer of rewards for better driving, has passed the £1.3m mark of prizes handed out to date to encourage better driving and working habits among workers in the UK and mainland Europe. Now, the green fleet tech leader is on target to give away up to £1m of rewards throughout 2024, and each year after, to enhance positive behaviours in fleets, and across its customers’ wider operations.

Since combining its real-time driver feedback technology with its smartphone rewards platform, Lightfoot has handed out thousands of prizes to individuals hitting or exceeding target KPIs including:

  • 15 luxury hotel breaks
  • Over 650 consumer tech prizes
  • Over 70 super-car track day experiences
  • Over 425 experiential prizes
  • Over £7,000 of gift vouchers from Amazon, Halfords, and a range of high street brands
  • Over 550 boxes of luxury chocolates, hampers, and artisan food gifts
  • Over £1m in cash prizes

Commenting on exceeding £1.3m of rewards, and its plans for a £1m pot of rewards in 2024, Paul Hollick, Managing Director of Lightfoot, said: “Lightfoot’s rewards platform has been transformational to the fleet sector, changing the relationship between drivers and their work vehicles.

“Now, instead of a workhorse to get from A to B, fleet vehicles and company cars are seen as the conduit to rewards, which can be unlocked by the simple act of driving well. That’s put drivers in the front seat of positive change, empowering and motivating them to be the best that they can be.

“Even if cutting fuel costs and reducing emissions aren’t personally important to the driver, what is, is the chance to win hotel escapes, consumer technology, weekly cash prizes in the Drivers’ Lottery, and up to £4,000 in the Elite Driver Championship.

“With £1m of prizes to win in 2024 and each subsequent year, there will be more opportunities than ever for Lightfoot drivers to pick up prizes, encouraging better driving day-in and day-out, generating greener, cleaner, safer, more mindful and motivated drivers. That’s a win for people, the planet and for fleets.”

Lightfoot’s pioneering driver-focused next generation telematics platform motivates drivers through rewards and recognition, gamifying driving through a mix of competitive leagues and prize draws. This incentivises and empowers individuals to self-moderate, leading to smoother, safer, and more environmentally friendly driving.

Over the last 12 months, Lightfoot has helped cut 30,000 tonnes of CO2 from fleets, equivalent to:

·       the CO2 captured by planting 1.4m trees

·       the CO2 produced by boiling 1.17bn kettles

·       taking 1,249 ICE cars off the road

Using audible and visual nudge psychology, developed in association with the University of Bath, Lightfoot’s in-cab device keeps drivers in the sweet spot of their engine, guiding them toward their weekly target of becoming Elite Drivers, which unlocks access to a host of weekly prize draws.

Radically different from other fleet management solutions, Lightfoot regularly achieves engagement levels of 90%+, with drivers interacting with the app on a purely voluntary basis. Traditional telematics solutions, by comparison, rarely achieve engagement levels above 5%.

This level of engagement and appetite for reward among drivers allows Lightfoot to achieve a range of desired outcomes for its customers. This includes everything from encouraging drivers to charge their electric vehicles on cheap overnight tariffs, to reducing harsh acceleration, braking, and cornering. Lightfoot also uses reward to reduce distracted driving thanks to its video telematics solution, Lightfoot Vision.

As a result, fleets see typical fuel cost savings and emissions reductions of 15%, extended EV ranges of 15%, and falls in accidents rates of up to 40%. It is largely for this reason that over 80% of the UK’s major insurers and brokers endorse Lightfoot’s technology.

Phillip Morton, Principal Risk Consultant at Aon, commented on the power of Lightfoot, saying: “The Drivers’ Lottery genuinely gives back to drivers for doing their bit. It is in their interests to drive more safely and efficiently, meaning they are self-managing.

“We at Aon have seen this deliver benefits in fuel savings, managing risk and lowering emissions for our clients. It also leads to lower claims values and claims frequencies, which is good news for the insurance sector.”

Bringing about a range of additional benefits, including better duty of care for staff, and higher levels of motivation, Lightfoot is used by over 100,000 drivers in fleets throughout the UK and mainland Europe. Its customers range from Asda and Tesco to Virgin Media and South West Water.

Following the significant success of its gamification platform, Lightfoot is developing its technology further to gamify a range of business-critical behaviours and tasks in the workplace. Encouraging and rewarding employees to enhance business performance, saving time, money and stress, Lightfoot places workers at the centre of this solution. This approach enables customers to revolutionise all areas of performance by increasing employee productivity, encouraging better health and wellbeing, while providing improved culture and communication.

With an internationalisation strategy for 2024, Lightfoot will be looking to bring gamification to the wider workforce on a multi-national scale.

To find out more about how Lightfoot can transform your fleet and business for the better, visit