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Working for more brands with purpose

Delivering the holy grail of oceanography

In early January, we helped renowned Explorer Jim McNeill launch his latest purpose-led initiative, Ocean Warrior.

Born out of his commitment to protect the future of the planet, Jim is undertaking a 10-year project to deliver the ‘holy grail of oceanography’: understanding how much carbon is stored in our oceans and how this is impacting on acidification, pollution, and marine species.

Taking citizen scientists on a 10,000 nautical mile expedition – split into 8 legs – aboard Europe’s largest three-masted wooden schooner. Every year for the next decade, Jim aims to measure, benchmark, monitor and report in near real time on the health of our oceans, providing politicians, commerce, and society in general with the ability to make better decisions regarding our climate crisis.

Catapulting the story into the headlines, over 400 pieces of domestic and international coverage resulted, including national TV, press and radio. This resulted in over 100 citizen scientist applicants as well as sponsorship from global brand Henri Lloyd. Today, we continue to work with Jim, helping him to raise not only the profile of Ocean Warrior, but his wider Global Warrior initiative.

Working to end harmful microfibres in our oceans

To cap off another exciting year in which we helped many clients raise awareness of their eco-technology, we cast a light on Bude-based Cleaner Seas Group, and their amazing retro-fit micro-fibre washing machine filter technology.

Preventing up to 700,000 microfibres from entering our rivers, seas and oceans from every single domestic wash, we built a campaign centring on their success in beating over 200 companies from across the globe to win the top accolade at the international Ocean Impact Pitchfest Awards in Australia.

Linking up with renowned naturalist Monty Halls to explain the issue at hand, and focussing on the fact that the technology was designed and developed by a group of Cornish surfers and seafarers, we succeeded in generating more than 70 pieces of international and domestic coverage, including prominent pieces on radio and TV, leading to immediate spikes in sales, and website traffic.

For Absolute, starting and ending the year working for game-changing, purpose-led clients protecting the future of our oceans has been a great honour.