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Who doesn’t love Bear Grylls?

It’s not every day that you get the chance to promote a festival co-founded by Bear Grylls, but thanks to our good friends at Panoptic, who promote and manage the annual Gone Wild Festival, we had exactly that opportunity.

Snapping swiftly into action, we got out our contact books and set up a host of opportunities with the South West’s media generating, among other pieces, interviews with ITV West Country live from the festival.

Boosted by extensive coverage on the Zoe Ball Breakfast Show, day tickets for the UK’s ultimate family adventure festival flew out of the door, and any final camping tickets sold out too.

Followed up by post-event news pre-selling the 2024 festival, over 55% of tickets for Gone Wild Devon 2024 were purchased within just six weeks.

Since then, we’ve been actively involved in launching Gone Wild Norfolk, generating a swathe of regional pieces in the South East of England media, alongside national pieces too. It’s been Wild!