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Public Consultations

Breathing life back in to the ‘The Pink Hotel’

Early in 2023 we worked with the owners of Pendower Beach House Hotel in Cornwall, alongside Koha Architects, to advise them on their public consultation process. This followed the withdrawal of previous plans due to public opposition.

Engaging positively with the local community, parish councils, and opposition groups, we helped the hotel owners identify and address issues of concern, demonstrating how changes to the revised plans would enable the hotel’s regeneration alongside the protection of both the local environment, and the delivery of year-round benefits for the local economy.

Aided by a proactive social media campaign, leaflet drops to over 5,500 local addresses, adverts in the local papers, 25 pieces of positive coverage, the organisation of a public consultation event, and the origination of a survey to assess sentiment, public opinion swung in favour of the new plans with positive responses as high as 79%. The result is a solid platform for the next phase of the hotel’s planning application process.

Super-food production centres for landfill sites

In the last quarter of 2023, we worked on a truly ground-breaking solution to the future of landfills. Transforming landfill sites into energy generating centres capable of producing fresh fruit and vegetables more affordably and sustainably than the supermarkets, we launched Sustain to the communities of Royal Wootton Bassett, Malmesbury, Purton and Brinkworth.

Using the world’s first positively pressured, inflatable, flexible greenhouses, which are capable of being situated on the surface of landfills, Sustain has the potential to transform landfill sites into what could be the most climate-friendly method of waste disposal, at the same time as producing affordable fruit and vegetables delivered to the doorstep year-round.

Through a mix of adverts, an active social media campaign, animated explainer film, targeted leaflets, news stories generating 14 positive pieces of coverage, and two public consultation events, we were able to convey the complex solution and its benefits in a simple and easily digestible way. As a result, public sentiment to date has been wholly supportive for Sustain’s plans to repurpose and reuse the Crapper and Sons Landfill Ltd site at Royal Wootton Bassett.