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Public consultation unveils proposed plans for Pendower Beach Hotel Regeneration – £25,000 fund to benefit local communities announced

June 6, 2023 | News

PBHH Ltd, owners of the former Pendower Beach House Hotel on the Roseland Peninsula, known as the ‘pink hotel’, has unveiled significantly scaled back plans for the regeneration of the disused and largely derelict former hotel, at its public consultation event held on 05 June.

Local residents, members of the public and stakeholders took the opportunity to view the plans, which are 25% smaller in scale than those outlined in 2019/20, and which reflect feedback from the Parish Councils of Philleigh, Gerrans and Veryan, as well as the Friends of Pendower Beach organisation.

Alongside in-depth detail about the designs, which have been created to protect the sensitive local environment, attendees had the opportunity to see the latest computer generated images (CGIs) of the proposed destination aparthotel, which has been adopted to provide year-round economic benefit to the local economy, including local jobs. It is envisaged that up to 12-15 staff will be on site at any one time, with 2-4 staff on site at all times.

The aparthotel being put forward consists of a reduced, 2-storey scheme encompassing 23 two and three bed family self-catering holiday-let suites, a public café and restaurant with 40 internal and up to 40 external covers, and a shop for use by self-catering visitors and beachgoers.

Aimed at a broad visitor profile which will include families with younger children, mature families, groups of couples, and groups of retirees year-round, the aparthotel model is designed to bring valuable spending power throughout the year that will benefit local businesses, shops, pubs, cafes, outlets, and attractions, as well as services that supply the aparthotel.

Special information boards carried detail on the extensive measures that will be adopted to protect the natural environment, including £1m of necessary stabilisation work to protect road access to Pendower Beach and its slipway – future proofing Rocky Lane against coastal erosion for future generations.

The boards also gave PBBH Ltd’s the opportunity to share its intentions for a voluntary £25,000 ‘Building Community Project Fund’, which will be set up for the parishes of Philleigh, Gerrans and Veryan, should the plans go ahead.

Commenting on the public consultation event, Johnny Goldsmith, local businessman and founder of PBHH Ltd, said: “We would like to thank all those that attended today’s event, at which they had the chance to view the outline plans for the aparthotel, restaurant, shop and café, first hand, in situ.

“Alongside physical models, CGIs, presentation boards, and site tours, our experts in planning, ecology, landscape architecture, transport, civil engineering, and geotechnical design were on hand to answer more detailed questions about the regeneration of the former Pendower Beach Hotel site.

“This allowed us the opportunity to explain the sensitive nature of the plans, which we believe strike a good balance between protecting the local environment and providing an economically viable business that will bring both benefit to local communities, and enhanced amenities for users of Pendower Beach.

“The public consultation also allowed us to share details of the £25,000 Building Community Project Fund which will enable local groups or organisations to apply for funding towards works of value to local communities.

“We intend to set this up so that the funds provided can be allocated to good causes and charities chosen in association with representatives from the local council. This community initiative sits outside any planning obligations and would be set up once work on the regeneration of the Pendower Beach Hotel commences.”

Among the information shared at the public consultation, and now available to view online, are details on:

  • The limited regeneration planned for the site
  • Design features of the aparthotel, restaurant, café and shop
  • Use of renewable energy
  • Burying of overhead power cables
  • Removal of invasive species that threaten the natural environment
  • Plans for a new bat hibernaculum
  • Details on new native planting and retention of all significant trees
  • Cliff stabilisation to safeguard access to the beach and slipway via Rocky Lane
  • Safe removal of historic potential pollutants from site
  • Sympathetic changes to the historic farmhouse
  • Sustainable drainage solutions
  • Planned information boards for the completed site addressing both the local environment and Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI)
  • Sensitive use of local building materials
  • Enhanced amenities for users of Pendower Beach
  • Eco-design on site, including green roofs
  • Benefit of the aparthotel model to the local economy, local business and services
  • Pendower Beach Hotel Regeneration’s environmental custodianship commitment

The public consultation event will be used to gather feedback on the new proposed plans, which are much changed from those previously put forward, and which have seen the removal of all previously proposed residential apartments. Feedback via the survey and event will enable further adjustment to the outline plans where relevant.

Attendees, and those that have had the opportunity to review the new proposed plans online, are invited to provide feedback via the survey before the end of 19 June. This can be found online on the landing page of, where there are also useful Q&As.