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Lightfoot wins place at UK’s leading innovation show

November 9, 2017 | News

Lightfoot, the award-winning, government-supported in-vehicle driver improvement technology that’s making our roads safer, the environment cleaner and motoring less expensive, is this week playing a key role at Innovate 2017, the UK’s leading innovation show.

The annual innovation showcase, organised by Innovate UK, brings the brightest and boldest UK innovators together to inspire businesses, individuals and government to tackle the challenges of tomorrow.

Taking place at the NEC Birmingham on Wednesday 8th and Thursday 9th November, Lightfoot won the right to be one of a select number of game-changing innovations to exhibit to over 2,500 businesses from around the globe at the event.

Described as the “Fitbit for cars and vans”, Lightfoot is pioneering a new standard and way of measuring and encouraging efficient driving, which is helping fleets across the UK cut pollution, lower accidents and improve fuel efficiency.  Its objective is to reward better drivers and has become the world’s first platform to reward good driving with prizes.

Mark Roberts, Managing Director at Lightfoot commented: “Having recently received almost £1million in Government funding from Innovate UK and The Centre for Connected and Autonomous Vehicles (CCAV) to further develop our technology, we believe we are in a strong position to help businesses, individuals and local authorities tackle pollution on the roads, providing a practical and deliverable solution here and now.  Hundreds of fleets are already involved, typically cutting CO₂ emissions by 10-20%, nitrous oxide (NOx) emissions by 20% and particulates by 15%.

“Lightfoot is growing quickly and the support we receive from Innovate UK and CCAV is helping us to not only make cleaner, greener and cheaper motoring possible for drivers, but it’s also making it fun, social and addictive.

“The next stage is to roll it out to a UK consumer audience who can join fleet drivers in enjoying the benefits of Lightfoot and getting rewarded for driving well.  Beyond that, our aim is to take the technology global.  With that in mind, Innovate 2017 could not be a better platform for us.”

Innovate UK Chief Executive, Dr Ruth McKernan said: “Innovate 2017 is an ideal platform for Lightfoot to showcase their game-changing innovation to national and international businesses and investors. I congratulate Lightfoot on their success in winning a place. They are an excellent example of the strength of UK innovation.”