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Lightfoot turbo-charges fleet benefits to further reward smoother drivers

July 1, 2018 | News

Lightfoot, the award-winning in-vehicle technology and driver rewards platform, has taken its range of driver incentives to a new level with the launch of Lightfoot Rewards, a new fleet-focused package, which provides a vast range of deals and discounts that encourage better, more efficient drivers in fleets.

Lightfoot has pioneered the rewarding of smooth driving for the past two years with initiatives such as its Fleet Driver of the Week program, treating Elite Drivers to prizes including a year’s supply of pies, and track days with Nigel Mansell.

The rewards platform complements Lightfoot’s real time in-cab audio and visual alerts that guide drivers to stay in the sweet spot of the engine, reducing fuel consumption, emissions and accidents.

Lightfoot has now added around 100 discounts with national retailers to offer drivers up and down the country even more reason to drive smoothly.

Choice picks from the new perks for drivers whose fleets have signed up for Lightfoot’s driver perks package include: 10% off at a range of high street stores and restaurants, up to 50% off days out, and up to 25% off travel.

Dan Regan, Lightfoot’s Head of Innovation, commented: “We’ve been using prizes to incentivise smoother driving for a while now, with fantastic results. This latest feature rewards drivers with a vast collection of discounts for being part of the Lightfoot community. Incentivising greener, cleaner and safer fleets is what we stand for, and Lightfoot Rewards is a very exciting latest addition to the unique service we provide to drivers of our fleet customers.”

Mark Roberts, Chief Executive Officer at Lightfoot, added: “We are delighted to be launching a new initiative which will see even more drivers being rewarded for their smoother, safer and greener driving. This is just the next stage of many of the exciting rewards and deals we will be giving to drivers in the future.”