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Helping ICON Corporate Finance showcase tech investment

December 17, 2020 | Uncategorized

It’s been another exciting year working with our client ICON Corporate Finance on their many M&A and funding deals, as well as their market reports.

In ESGTech, Team Absolute announced a game-changing investment for Fathom, a Bristol University start up, from US ratings giant Moody’s. Fathom’s risk modelling uses climate change scenarios to predict future impact of flooding and resulting financial losses. Advised by ICON, the deal was widely reported in institutional, specialist trade and environmental media.

ICON is helping clients drive growth and innovation by securing investment from organisations across the globe.

In the HealthTech sector we helped ICON secure prominent coverage for their work on an investment deal for RwHealth, enabling the business to further develop its AI and data-led solutions which are increasingly used by NHS trusts, private healthcare providers and major pharmaceutical companies.

In the InsureTech sector ICON assisted Anorak with a significant funding deal that saw the world’s smartest insurance companion raise significant funds to help it revolutionise the insurance market. Positioned as a future global software leader in the lifetech insurance sector, turning an industry accustomed to ‘selling insurance’, into one where the consumer actively buys based on affordable, relevant, personalised insurance advice, the story achieved notable media interest.

With well over 100 pieces of coverage, it’s been another great year helping ICON tell their tech investment story.