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GripHero to launch world’s first anti-static oxo-biodegradable hand-protection at The Forecourt Show 8-10 April

March 6, 2019 | News

GripHero Ltd, the developer of a revolutionary new hand-protection dispenser that enables drivers to avoid contact with contaminants, harmful bacteria and germs on fuel pump handles, has announced that it will launch the world’s first anti-static, oxo-biodegradable hand-protection solution at the Forecourt Show this April.  The new oxo biodegradable hand-protection joins GripHero’s range of hand-protection options, which includes its 100% recyclable, anti-static hand-protection.

Created to meet demand in countries that do not have a recycling or composting infrastructure, the oxo-biodegradable material ensures that drivers can be certain of hand-protection at the pump, which degrades naturally in the environment within 12-24 months.*

The product meets legislative requirements in countries such as the United Arab Emirates, which stipulates that only oxo-biodegradable plastic can be used in the production of plastic bags or other disposable plastic objects. It also meets requirements set out by Saudi Arabia, while other countries in the Middle East, including Qatar and Oman, are likely to follow suit. Countries such as India and a number of African states are also expected to show interest in the product, which has significant benefits over other plastics that can take 50 to 1,000 years to degrade.

Unlike other forms of forecourt hand-protection, GripHero ensures that only one item is dispensed at a time, putting an end to wasteful clumps of gloves that often come out when customers attempt to retrieve conventional hand-protection, creating unnecessary and avoidable levels of plastic waste.

Oli Yeo, who designed GripHero, comments: “GripHero has been created to put the health and wellbeing of the customer at the heart of the forecourt, both in the avoidance of biological and chemical contamination from the fuel-nozzle, and the prevention of potential ignition caused by static from standard gloves in the refuelling zone.  However, it has also been created to reduce waste.

“We offer fully recyclable hand-protection in countries that are able to recycle plastics, and we now offer oxo-biodegradable hand-protection for countries that either stipulate the used of oxo-biodegradable materials, or which do not have the facilities in place to cope with recycling. Here, the use of materials that biodegrade in conditions found within the natural environment is seen as vital to the prevention of unnecessary waste.”

Oli Yeo added: “We believe in using environmentally friendly materials and reducing unnecessary waste, helping forecourts to recycle where recycling solutions are available, and enabling countries without such solutions to minimize the impact of plastics in the environment; all while enabling drivers to maintain clean, uncontaminated hands, enhancing health and wellbeing.”

GripHero will be on stand S130, where customers can meet the team and trial GripHero, a revolutionary new dispenser that sits on each and every fuel nozzle handle on the forecourt, putting an end to drivers struggling to find hand-protection.

Its research shows that:

  • 76% of drivers would be more likely to use a forecourt with hand-protection on every nozzle handle, over that of a closer forecourt without this service;
  • 72% would be more likely to make impromptu purchases of higher margin items such as snacks, coffee, ice cream and sandwiches;
  • 74% of drivers would be more likely to plan ahead to make larger purchases, including convenience shopping for 2 days’ worth of groceries, if they knew they could keep their hands clean while filling up.

Forecourts interested in GripHero can find out more by visiting or calling 01837 811035.