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GripHero expands into new 400m2 business unit in Hatherleigh

March 15, 2018 | News

Devon-based GripHero Ltd, the developer of a revolutionary new forecourt hand-protection dispenser that prevents contamination from fuel, viruses and grime when drivers fill up, is expanding its operations in readiness for the national roll-out of its innovative new product in May 2018.

The business, which already has over 6,000 forecourts interested in installing GripHero, has moved its business from the Plymouth Science Park to Hatherleigh, where it has room for up to 15 members of staff in a 400m2 business and storage unit, located on 2,000 m2 of land on the Hatchmoor Industrial Estate.

Over the last year GripHero has raised the profile of its innovative product among forecourt owners, supermarkets and oil chain companies, attending forecourt shows and Petrol Retailer Association events across the UK and Ireland.

Interest in GripHero has been heightened by a study which shows that the average fuel pump nozzle is 11,000 times dirtier than the typical toilet seat*.  GripHero’s own research** has revealed that 4 out of 5 people regularly struggle to find disposable hand-protection when they refuel.  It has also shown that almost three quarters of drivers would make larger grocery purchases at the forecourt, if they knew they could keep their hands clean after filling up.

These findings have convinced forecourt owners across the UK to queue up for GripHero, recognizing that proper hand-protection could significantly boost food, drink and retail sales.

Oli Yeo, who designed GripHero, comments: “GripHero solves the issue of hand contamination by putting dispensers on each and every fuel nozzle on the forecourt, so that the consumer never needs to touch the pump again without hand-protection.  Take contaminated, foul smelling, fuel impregnated hands out of the equation, and the consumer is far more likely to make impulse purchases as well as larger grocery purchases.

“Our challenge is not convincing forecourts to buy in to GripHero, it’s delivering enough product to keep up with expected demand.  It’s for precisely this reason that we’ve expanded into the new warehouse unit in Hatherleigh, putting ourselves in the best possible position to not only deliver GripHero in large volumes, but to grow the business and become a significant employer in the local area.”