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Flower Station becomes the first company to adopt Lightfoot’s Vehicle Management package

March 21, 2018 | News

Flower Station, one of the leading florists in the UK, has become the first business to adopt Lightfoot’s new Vehicle Management package, in addition to the driving technology and rewards platform. This will help both drivers and managers easily identify vehicle faults and keep on top of vehicle maintenance with an easy system that is quick and intuitive to use.

Flower Station was founded in 2001 as a local flower shop and has now grown into an established London brand. They have decided to install Lightfoot in their fleet to reduce fuel costs and improve driver safety, choosing to adopt the full Lightfoot package, which includes GPS tracking, Driver Perks and Vehicle Management.

Vehicle Management, an all-new package offered by Lightfoot, consists of two main elements, one of which being a live, automatically updated oversight of service, tax and MOT expiry dates. This is accessible both by drivers and managers through the portal and it allows for quick and easy scheduling, which reduces administration time and increases fleet efficiency.

The Vehicle Management package, which is in the process of being rolled-out across Flower Station’s fleet of delivery vans, also uses Lightfoot’s connected vehicle functionality to automatically monitor and detect any vehicle faults. Using the Lightfoot portal, it alerts the driver and manager to any issues that have been logged in the vehicle’s onboard computers, including faults that might not have generated a fault light on the vehicle dashboard. More importantly, it advises the user about the nature of the fault. This helps to catch issues early, reducing the need for vehicle downtime for detecting and diagnosing faults, which tends to be time-consuming and expensive for fleets.

This new package will take pressure off management by monitoring all aspects of vehicle maintenance, which will further improve safety and reduce downtime. Due to the ease with which managers and drivers can identify any problems with vehicles, companies like Flower Station can quickly and efficiently address any problems and return to maximum efficiency.

Dan Regan, Head of Innovation at Lightfoot, commented: “We are delighted to be working with Flower Station to roll out our new vehicle management package.

“Our development team have worked hard to finalise and release this new feature, so it’s great to see it out there making a real difference for our customers in further improving safety and reducing downtime. I know the team are looking forward to rolling out Vehicle Management to many other fleets over the coming weeks.”

Karl Bradley, Logistics Coordinator at Flower Station, added: “Flower Station is pleased to be the first to adopt this new package and to be working with Lightfoot to create smoother drivers. We will be able to quickly and easily monitor the health of our vehicle fleet and ensure that we remain at maximum efficiency.”