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Exeter video production company lends its support to the hard-working rising stars of women’s cycling

June 23, 2017 | News

Exeter-based Wide Eye Communications, one of the south west’s leading video production companies, has taken on the role of raising the profile of a group of young female cyclists vying to take the British Cycling HSBC National Women’s Road Series and National Road Championship by storm in 2017.

Through the creation of a new film telling the back story behind this team of determined amatuers, Wide Eye Communications aims to help the cyclists, who ride as Bianchi Dama UK, find additional sponsors interested in supporting their long-term competitive goals. The film has been produced as part of Wide Eye’s co-sponsorship of the team.

The Devon-headquartered Bianchi Dama UK team of seven riders, four of whom are based in the West Country, are currently one of highest ranked amateur teams in the National Women’s Road Series standings. All work full time with challenging occupations ranging from junior doctor and associate research fellow, to safeguarding officer and vet.

The talented group have already succeeded in gaining the backing of global cycling giant Bianchi, providing them with support to assist their competitive ambitions as well as access to the latest in Bianchi’s cutting edge cycle technology, a branded team support vehicle and the exclusive right to ride under the brand’s famous ‘Celeste’ team colours.

The riders are not only the first British team to catch the eye of one of the world’s most famous cycle manufacturers, but they are also one of only three all-female teams to be sponsored by Bianchi worldwide.

Despite this undoubted partnership coup, the women are hoping to attract additional backers allowing them to compete more extensively in 2018 and beyond. The team hope to include new domestic challenges, such as the Tour of Yorkshire, in their competitive calendar next year, and dream of competing internationally.

Additional sponsorship will also enable the team to boost their pre-season training routine with an intensive training camp in Majorca, a popular training destination regularly used by professional teams.

Wide Eye, a co-sponsor of the team, has given its time, resources and skills to work with the cyclists to capture their enthusiasm, drive and aspirations for the promotional video designed to encourage further backers.

Gilly Sowden Wide Eye Communications Director, said: “When we first met with the Bianchi Dama UK team, we felt an immediate affinity with the ambition and commitment of these incredible sportswomen. We listened to their plans and their dreams and were completely taken by their drive and vision.

“As amateur riders, they are entirely reliant on sponsors. Bianchi has been amazing, but to fulfil their full potential they need additional funding, and that’s where we come in.

“We knew that the best way to take their story to the world was through the power of film, which captures the individual personalities of the women, their drive, challenges, struggles, triumphs and the Bianchi Dama team ethos. That can’t be conveyed as effectively in any other way.

“Once you see the film, you can’t help but be inspired by what they are trying to achieve. In an age of professional teams, it’s truly astounding. Our hope is that the film will be widely shared, inspiring sponsors to come on board and share their journey.”

Bianchi Dama UK Team Manager, David Walters, commented: “We’re delighted to have Wide Eye on board as sponsors and to be working with their talented team to develop our visibility. From the outset, they have provided a great service, getting to know Bianchi Dama, developing a script and making the filming process exciting and fun. We’re thrilled with the video which perfectly captures the ethos of our team.”

David added: “We’re tremendously grateful to all the sponsors that have supported us, enabling the team to achieve great things against full time and professional riders. They’re an incredibly motivated group, working towards their international debut. With the support of new sponsors, we can help them achieve incredible things.”

Wide Eye Communications is a creative production company that specialises in video including live footage and animation. Directors Gilly Sowden and Nik Heap are skilled project managers with a unique understanding of their clients’ needs and objectives, working collaboratively with them to deliver successful results.

Current sponsors of Bianchi Darma UK include Bianchi, Wide Eye Communications and Michelmores.