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Electric Blue Days Geckos at Dartmoor Zoo!

December 5, 2018 | News

Two critically endangered geckos of a breed facing extremely high risk of extinction have successfully hatched in what’s being called a ‘real achievement’ for Dartmoor Zoo.

The electric blue day geckos, described by their keepers as ‘little gems’, are found in the wild only in a 3.1 square mile area of the Kimboza Forest in Tanzania where they are threatened by illegal collection for the international pet trade.

Dartmoor Zoo, which is a charity, is helping to conserve them as part of an international captive breeding program.

Senior keeper of reptiles at Dartmoor Zoo, Justin Aird, said: “We have been working on perfecting our husbandry techniques with this species and these hatchlings are an excellent reward for our hard work and dedication.”

The Zoo’s two youngsters are minute and require small food such as micro crickets and springtails along with a special recipe of liquified fruits much like a fruit smoothie. Their small size makes them extremely fast. They are easily stressed, so they are residing in a special reptile breeding room whilst they mature.