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Devon Contract Waste helps holiday park bridge the gap to Zero to Landfill

August 2, 2017 | News

Exeter-based Devon Contract Waste has secured a new contract worth circa £3,000 per year with Harford Bridge Park Ltd of Tavistock. The innovative waste management company now provides a full Zero to Landfill waste management service for the award-winning camping and touring park set in Dartmoor National Park.

As a holder of the gold standard David Bellamy Conservation Award for 18 years, Harford Bridge Park has a long-running commitment to responsible waste management. Now, with the services of Devon Contract Waste, the family-run business could see up to 98% of its waste diverted from landfill while enjoying incredible cost savings of around 40%. Devon Contract Waste collects mixed waste from Harford Bridge Park to be baled at its newly launched Distribution Hub in Exeter, which can handle 300,000 tonnes of waste each year.

A particular challenge for Devon Contract Waste presented by Harford Bridge Park is the influence of park guests over the sorting of site waste as they dispose of their daily and weekly rubbish. Mixed waste contaminated with food and glass cannot be sorted as efficiently, meaning that a reduced amount of waste can be diverted from landfill. So, while holidaymakers have had their minds on entertaining their families, the businesses have collaborated to test and improve signage around the holiday park to simplify waste sorting for guests. A reduction from four waste sorting streams to three, and new signage to identify mixed recycling waste, food waste and glass waste has resulted in less contaminated waste unsuitable for recycling, less waste going to landfill, and less distractions for park visitors during their holiday.

Simon Almond, managing director at Devon Contract Waste commented: “As keen proponents of sustainable tourism, the values of the Harford Bridge Park management team fully align with our own as the only West Country provider of Zero to Landfill services and we’re delighted to provide the owners with a straightforward and cost effective way to manage their commercial waste. All the waste is baled at our Distribution Hub in Exeter before being passed on for onward processing, recycling and manufacturing under our innovative model which ensures that nothing that can possibly be recycled is sent to landfill.”

Simon continued: “We pride ourselves on delivering services that meet the individual needs of our customers and we look forward to working with Harford Bridge Park for many years to come.”

Paul Williamson, director operations at Harford Bridge Park commented: “Since we took on Harford Bridge in 1985 we have reinvested our profits into improving the sustainability of the park to ensure that visitors can continue to enjoy Dartmoor National Park with minimal environmental impact on our beautiful surroundings. The environmental and cost saving benefits of Zero to Landfill were the persuasive factors for us and Devon Contract Waste have provided great support to transition the park to their service at our busy time of year. From working with us to improve our signage for guests, to providing smart plastic bins that help us to maintain our visual standards, the team has been responsive to our requirements and we are happy customers.”
Paul added: “Harford Bridge looks forward to a long, productive relationship with Devon Contract Waste.”

Devon Contract Waste is a leading provider of commercial waste management services in Devon and bordering areas of Cornwall and Somerset. The company collects mixed waste from its clients in a single vehicle, reducing the number of journeys made and minimising its CO2 emissions. Each time a bin is emptied, around 3.04kg of CO2 is emitted, so collecting waste in a single bin rather than separating it into different containers also reduces CO2 emissions.

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