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Pendower Beach House Hotel Regeneration Project

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As soon as initial discussions were held, it was clear that they would deliver and represent the proposals in the best light possible through a cutting edge, fresh approach to the project. They demonstrated a thorough understanding of the key aims and milestones that would help us deliver a thorough public presentation. This was no mean task given the complexities of the site, the designations upon it and the degree of public and statutory scrutiny surrounding it. They have taken public opinion from being predominantly against any form of Major Development in the AONB on this site, to what is now a very evenly matched position in terms of those for and against the proposals. In fact, given the impact that Absolute made in terms of establishing a fair and unbiased survey method, there is a sense that the public have been given the freedom to look at the facts without pressure, and momentum builds with the responses that we continue to receive as we move towards the planning. Koha Architects would have no hesitation in recommending Absolute and we hope to get the opportunity of working with them again.

Koha Architects

Gary Wyatt, Director

The Process


Campaign to raise awareness and build positive sentiment towards the proposed regeneration of the Pendower Beach Hotel on the Roseland peninsula, South Cornwall.


Planning/public consultation communications encompassing: media relations, social media, adverts, stakeholder engagement, local resident and community relations, door-drops, content development.


Print, and digital coverage


February-June 2023

The Challenge

The owners of Pendower Beach Hotel had been seeking approval for the regeneration of the former ‘Pink Hotel’ on the environmentally sensitive Roseland peninsula for over 10 years.

Confronted by activated opposition from the Friends of Pendower Beach Group, which had resulted in the withdrawal of previous plans in 2019/20, Absolute was brought on board to help Pendower Beach House Hotel Ltd (PBHH Ltd) build support for revised and reduced plans being put forward at a new public consultation event held in June 2023.

Our Solution

Absolute recognised from the outset the sensitive nature of the regeneration project, undertaking research to identify the contentious issues that needed to be taken into consideration and addressed as part of the new public consultation process.

Absolute worked closely with Koha Architects Ltd to create an agreed set of key messages designed to ensure consistency of communication at every level.  This tailored messaging to each audience encompassing local residents, Friends of Pendower Beach, the three Parish Councils of Philleigh, Gerrans and Veryan, and stakeholders including the National Trust, local landowners, and Cornwall Council.

This approach ensured consistent communication across all channels including media relations, social media content, copy for the website, presentation boards, flyers and adverts.

Special attention was given to understanding and addressing sensitive issues that had led to the withdrawal of previous plans, outlined in 2019/20.

Recognising that a coordinated campaign by the Friends of Pendower Beach Group had been the main driving force behind opposition, Absolute advised that proactive, positive engagement with both Friends of Pendower Beach Group, and other users of Pendower Beach, should be pursued. This led to meetings with each stakeholder audience ahead of the public consultation events, and open sharing of news. This kept all parties fully aware of the public consultation process conducted, bringing potential opponents to the plans along on the journey.

This included a series of press releases pre-announcing the public consultation event. These placed emphasis on the changed nature of the plans, taking on board previous feedback, and PBHH’s intent to give back to the local community. Special focus was given to:

  • the significantly reduced nature of the plans in terms of scale
  • a significant focus on protecting the local environment
  • the year-round economic benefit that regeneration will bring to the local economy
  • the role that regeneration will play in breathing life back into the site
  • explaining how leaving the current site derelict and undeveloped encouraged anti-social behaviour
  • raising awareness of the £25,000 fund that will be set up to benefit the local community

This activity was supported through:

  • a public consultation leaflet drop to 5,500 addresses within a 20-mile radius of Pendower Beach
  • regular posts on Facebook and Instagram promoting the public consultation event, drip-feeding images and news on the proposed, new low-impact design being outlined
  • content origination for the website including Q&As, the vision for the site, community involvement, and news
  • adverts in all key local media, and public notices
  • attendance by Absolute at the public consultation event to manage media interest
  • development of an online survey to capture sentiment of the local community

What We Achieved

  • 25 pieces of local and national coverage
  • Total social media reach of 13,141
  • 751 link clicks to the website and survey form
  • 16% rise in followers
  • 198% increase in reach
  • 3,095 post engagements
  • Over 150 event attendees
  • 48 event responses
  • Positive responses to survey questions, with responses as high as 79% in favour.

The proposals are currently being put forward for planning, but initial feedback suggests that public opinion has shifted from being firmly against the former plans, to being neutral/positive.