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Active Dartmoor Holidays

The Process


Promote Dartmoor as an ‘active’ holiday destination


Media relations, social media




March-August 2013

The Challenge

To promote Dartmoor as an ‘active’ holiday destination, using five pre-agreed themes: out and about; arts and culture; extreme Dartmoor; family fun; and country activities, attracting visitors to the Moor and the website.

Our Solution

We created tailored media information outlining the five themes and liaised with national and regional journalists and bloggers to arrange press visits, making sure they had fantastic accommodation and an exciting programme of activities to write about. We also handled the Twitter and Facebook accounts, using ‘active’ photos and posting regularly to highlight events and activities happening on Dartmoor. We even linked up with the author of the ‘Wild Guide’ series to cross promote our two brands via social media and the website.

What We Achieved

Media visits were organised with publications including the Sunday Mirror, The Countryman, People’s Friend, Mature Times, and the Manchester Evening News. Copy was also supplied for a planned feature in the Daily Mail. The total potential opportunities to see and hear about the campaign via media were up to 112,603,091. During the campaign, Twitter followers increased by 90%, Facebook fans grew by 12% and website traffic increased by more than 35% year-on-year.

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