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A Day of Do at the Zoo

November 19, 2021 | Blog, Videos

Many may know Dartmoor Zoo for being the inspiration behind the popular film ‘We Bought A Zoo’, but did you know about the vital work the Zoo does to support conservation programmes? Since its inception, the Zoo has grown significantly and has become heavily involved in research, conservation, and educational projects to promote the welfare of animals and protect endangered species. Absolute likes to support good causes and as a team of animal lovers, we leapt at the opportunity to volunteer at Dartmoor Zoo.

The day began with an introduction from Tim Steward, Head of Maintenance, Health and Safety at Dartmoor Zoo, who briefed us on the work that needed to be completed. Well equipped with tools in hand, we made our way to the big cat area, which needed some grounds maintenance, and we swiftly got to work. You can watch us in action and find out what Tim had to say about our work here.

Together, we worked to cut back hedges, pull weeds, and remove general garden waste.

We work together as a team throughout the working week, but taking time out to do something completely different, and for a great cause, made our day. It brought us together in a very meaningful and fulfilling way, leaving us with a sense of purpose and feeling proud of the outcome.

We take a lot of pride in our work, whether it’s client-facing or volunteering. Through this and other future volunteering days, we aim to play our part in building positive and long-lasting societal change. It’s just part of our commitment to five of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDG). Our work at Dartmoor Zoo in particular supports SDG 15, Life on Land. You can see more information on our sustainability policy here.

Successful companies have strong values and a clearly defined purpose at their core. For Absolute PR, our Dartmoor Zoo volunteering is an example of us fulfilling our purpose to deliver meaningful work that has a positive impact be that for clients or for the wider benefit of society and the climate. Organisations with a defined purpose are more successful than those without; helping to recruit candidates with shared values, and team motivation are just some of the benefits.

If you would like to learn more or find out how we can help you define your company’s purpose, please call our team on 01392 680740 or email to find out more.