Devon business rewarding better drivers with £250 weekly giveaway

Lightfoot, the makers of the first connected car technology to reward better drivers, is giving away weekly cash prizes to motorists using their technology. Lightfoot’s WIN250 League launched in September and is the company’s latest initiative designed to reward its Elite Drivers whose smoother, greener driving is saving them money and making life a little brighter for commuters in the Westcountry.

As part of Lightfoot’s launch to the consumer market, anyone who buys a Lightfoot device before the end of December 2018 will be entered into the WIN250 League for life. Winners are chosen at random every week (subject to achieving Elite Driver standard which 80% of drivers manage to do) and there is no limit on the number of times an individual can win, meaning some users could end up winning thousands of pounds by using Lightfoot.

The premise behind the league is, according to Lightfoot’s founder and CEO Mark Roberts: “To use Lightfoot’s connected car technology to enrich individuals and their local economies by rewarding drivers who are doing their bit to save the planet”.

Created to help drivers “earn, win, and save” through smoother driving, Lightfoot, which reduces fuel bills and emissions by up to 20%, incentivises a more efficient driving style with perks estimated to be worth over £750 in earnings and savings*.

Combined with weekly prize giveaways and the WIN250 League, Lightfoot is attempting to make smooth driving the new norm by giving it a ‘real world’ value. Benefits for Lightfoot’s community of safer drivers include 40% off AA breakdown cover, 20% off car insurance and 10% off vehicle hire with Thrifty.

So far, eight winners from across the South West have pocketed £250 each to reward them for their economical, efficient driving.

Philip Jones, one of the first winners of the WIN250 League, said: “I’ve found Lightfoot much easier to use than expected and we’ve only changed our driving style slightly. I reckon we have achieved an 8% saving on fuel costs so far. I love the competitive nature and push to be top of the league!”

Mark Roberts added: “Fines, levies in inner-cities and rising fuel costs have all combined to make driving less and less enjoyable. Good drivers have been treated the same as aggressive, heavy-footed gas guzzlers for too long. We aim to change that by making smooth, safe driving fun and rewarding.

“For years nobody has thought to reward good drivers, so there’s been little incentive for them to try being better. We’re changing that by giving good drivers prizes, discounts and cash that they can spend in their local communities. We’re committed to giving mindful motorists the credit and the rewards they deserve, leading the way where others may follow.”

Lightfoot’s technology was launched to consumers in September 2018 after several years of exponential growth in the fleet sector. Customers including Virgin Media, Dyno Rod, and Greencore have deployed Lightfoot’s driver rewards system to reduce fleet costs, carbon emissions, and accidents on the road to great success.

Lightfoot’s devices are for sale at an introductory price of £99 and are stocked in Halfords stores in Exeter (Rydon Lane Retail Park), Plymouth (Marsh Mills Retail Park), and Yeovil (Houndstone Retail Park). They also come with a month’s free subscription, worth £3.99, which unlocks more than 100 discounts on major national brands including adidas, Nike, Vue, ODEON, Sainsbury’s, Tesco, Moss Bros, GAP, Ray-Ban, EE, Halfords, B&Q, Las Iguanas, and Bill’s. As Lightfoot becomes stocked in further Halfords stores, the device will cost £129, with a fitting fee of £30 and a monthly subscription of £3.99.**

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