Photograph of Valeport instrument

Revealing the latest in Sound Velocity Technology and more…

Valeport, Booth #738 @ Oceans’15 Washington, USA
Valeport is using Ocean’s 15 as the first US showing of a new sound velocity profiler. The UK’s leading manufacturer of oceanographic, hydrographic and hydrometric instrumentation will also showcase a portfolio of other new products currently in early release.
Recognised as world leaders in sound velocity technology, Valeport’s latest addition to its portfolio of sound velocity sensors and profilers is the SWiFT SVP.  This new compact unit will feature high accuracy SV, pressure and temperature, plus integral GPS to geo-located every profile.  Data can be easily and quickly downloaded, reviewed and translated to common SVP formats wirelessly via Bluetooth Smart using the free SWiFT APP on iOS devices.
The data can also be instantly shared via FTP, email and cloud services.
With a battery endurance of up to a week and easy charging via USB, the SWiFT SVP is intended for coastal, harbour and inland hydrographic survey use and offers the highest quality sound velocity profiles in a compact, robust and portable package.
Kevin Edwards, Valeport sales and marketing manager, commented: “Ocean’s 15 is a great platform to show the SWiFT SVP.  We designed the SWiFT SVP with the intention of a seamless workflow and comprehensive connectivity for the user and we anticipate it will be well received by the popular shallow water market.  SWiFT SVP is an innovative, highly accurate product and with its formal release back in August, Valeport will continue to help lead the way in supporting the hydrographic surveying sector.”
Valeport are also showcasing a number of other new products and product evolutions, which are currently in release, including:
Ultra Sensors – the new ultraSV and ultraP are the next generation of sound velocity and pressure sensors from Valeport, the world leaders in Sound Velocity technology.  These ultra-fast, ultra-compact and ultra-dependable sensors have been redesigned from the connector up and offer smart, compact and exchangeable sensors which provide levels of performance that are demonstrably ahead of competitors.   Ideally suited to system integrators and OEM applications, these new sensors are housed in a rugged titanium casing and depth rated to 600m as standard. The ultraSV has a new transducer design that allows a sampling rate up to 300Hz. The ultraP has a temperature compensated piezo-resistive and a 0.01% accuracy transducer fitted for top performance.  A fixed 5v DC input and RS485 output make interfacing easy on both sensors.
Hyperion Fluorometers –  Valeport is pleased to introduce the new Hyperion range of optical sensors with the launch of a Fluorometer for measurement of Chlorophyll and Fluoresceine.  The Hyperion Fluorometer delivers high performance in a wide range (0– 500µg/l and 0-500ppb) with one gain setting for relevant biological ranges.  Supplied in a compact and robust package with a scratch and solvent resistant glass window, the sensor is ideal for ROVs, AUVs and to interface to third party CTDs or loggers. Offered as standard in a 6000m depth rated, tough titanium housing, the Hyperion Fluorometer has a wide (9– 30V DC) isolated power input, RS232 communications and an output up to 32Hz,  which is ideal for rapid profiling.  Further package options will follow and will include versions for Rhodamine, Crude oil, CDOM, Chlorophyll A (red excitation), Cyanobacteria (marine and freshwater), PTSA, optical brighteners, Turbidity and Optical backscatter.
miniCTD Fast Profiler –  An evolution of Valeport’s miniCTD, the Fast Profiler has been designed to deliver the highest quality CTD casts at rapid drop rates. A conductivity cell designed for optimum flow-through, a fast response thermistor temperature sensor and a 0.01% pressure sensor synchronously sampling at up to 32Hz deliver the highest quality profiles in a lightweight and robust package. Add an optional integral Fluorometer based on Valeport’s new Hyperion range and an optional Bluetooth communications module, and this new miniCTD Fast Profiler offers a unique and versatile solution. Designed to operate autonomously, this instrument can also be supplied with a traditional SubConn connector for standard RS232/RS485 communication.  The miniCTD Fast Profiler is supplied as standard with a deployment frame and Datalog X2 operating software.